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Over the years, my little blog resume has continued to grow! I’m by no means an expert, but it has been nice to share what I have learned about traveling (and general life lessons from that) on other platforms across the net and beyond.

Like, seriously, imagine trying to mind your business and unwind by listening to your favorite webseries and then BAM- here I go talking about giant rocks. Or, randomly browsing YouTube and my giant head comes photobombing in the back.

Below are a list of articles, podcasts, vlogs, interviews, and other platforms I had the immense honor to feature lil ol’ me! Check em out if you want more Kay content <3 Now, without further ado!

Awards and Publications


Blog Awards

Semi-finalist for 2019 ’20 On the Rise’ List

Semi-finalist for 2020 Travel Blogger of the Year

Book Publications


Branding Quickies: A Collection from 20 Women Killing it in the Branding Game

TW: Flatline by Kay Kingsman

Podcasts & Radio


Black Women Travel Podcast: Chapter 17 – Kay the Awkward Traveller

The Offbeat Life Podcast: Ep. 133 How this 9-5’er is able to earn extra income as a self-published author with Kay Kingsman

World Nomads: The World Nomads Explore Jordan!

Branding Gems

Alpaca My Bags: Why a Passport is a Privilege

RM World Travel: What’s the Deal with Mandatory Tipping?



From Caitlin of The Polished

From She Roams Solo

From Life with Larissa

From David’s Been Here

From Suitcase Six

30 Unique Travel Bloggers to Follow in 2019

Guest Articles


Travel Oregon: Support Oregon’s Black-Owned Businesses | 10-Day Roadtrip Through Oregon | Tips for Your First Campervan Trip | Celebrating Juneteenth in Oregon | Art and Culture in Milwaukie

Fodor’s: Hiking as a Hot Girl | Surviving Performative Portland | Top 20 Things to do in Portland | Where to See the Northern Lights in the US

Viator: 8 Top Destinations Recommended by and for Black Travelers

Sipping Sunshine : 5 Countries Where You Can Get Your Groove Back

Dame Traveler: How to Be a Better Traveler in 2020

Mexico in My Pocket: Puerto Vallarta Travel Guide

Mercury Magazine: Ranking Countries by How Likely They are to Ask a Black Person for a Photo ; Young Travellers Causing a Stir in the Tourism Industry

Magazine Features


Forbes: Cheapest Places to Travel 2020 ; Tips for Creating a Successful Personal Brand

HuffPost: Dope Women Bloggers Discuss the Importance of Black Travel

WashPost: We’re All Socially Awkward Now

WriterMag (print): How to Make Your Travel Writing More Inclusive

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