Partnerships and Discounts

This page is currently a work in progress (SO ITS A MESS), but if you are looking for any of the brands I have worked with or discounts I may have, this is the place to find them!

Brands are suuch a huge part of the blogger community. We post pictures with their items, we recommend their products, we host their giveaways, and ultimately – we sell you their stuff. Sometimes we make a small portion of that sale, other times we don’t and we really just like it!

I want you to know that I will only recommend and promote brands that I wholeheartedly believe in, respect, and enjoy. Blogging is not my main form of income (or any form of income lol), so being honest is no financial loss to me. I’M HERE TO LET Y’ALL KNOW THE TRUTH! You guys deserve more than being force fed Skinny Teas and DW watches, don’t you think?

Credit Cards

I’m not saying you HAVE to have a travel credit card, buuuut it does certainly add up in terms of perks, points, benefits, and miles. On my airline credit cards, I usually earn at least one round-trip international flight a year on miles and points alone. With my hotel credit card, not only do I earn loyalty perks like room upgrades, but I also earn free weekends and stays at otherwise SUPER expensive locations (liiike an overwater bungalow in the Maldives!)

So consider if you travel frequently enough to make the annual fees and such worth it to you, and definitely apply if you think it would be beneficial to you! I am not partnered or sponsored by any of these credit cards, but if I refer you (via email) then we both get bonus points! Issa win-win situation!

For credit card referrals, please email me at: [email protected]

Alaska Airlines Credit Card

My favorite airline specific credit card, and my recommendation for anyone living on the West Coast USA!

Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card




Airfordable allows you to pay for your flights using a payment plan!

Use this link for $25 credit towards your first payment on Airfordable!

**I will post more links and information here**



Booking dot com

Booking is my favoriteee hotel website to book from, and has recently surpassed all other sites (including Airbnb!) for my lodging needs! Mostly because a lot of the times, hotels end up being the same price as homestays – at least abroad! There are also eco-lodges available on the site. AND you can earn discounts and perks (like 10% off and free room upgrades!) with multiple bookings!

Sign up for Booking for $25 off your first booking and earn rewards as you book!


Airbnb is essentially a home/room sharing website where you can rent out a room or home from someone in a specific city around the world. Airbnb also has Airbnb Experiences, which are fun and unique tours led by locals!

Airbnb – Use the link to get $40 USD off first home booking and $15 USD off an experience


Getaway is a cabin renting website in the United States. The cabins are tiny, but well equipped and comfortable with electricity and plumbing, but no cell service. It is a true chance to getaway and surround yourself in nature to relax and unwind. I wrote a review of my Getaway Cabin stay here if you want a little more info about what it is!

Getaway – Use the link to get $25 USD off first booking



  • Bird App: Sign up for Bird (scooter) using ” LMLMWR ” and earn a free ride (up to $5).



  • Away Luggage: I have a 20% off coupon! Email me at [email protected] if you would like to be referred!



Life Clothing Co

A California based clothing company, their style is very desert chic/Southwest Flower Child vibe.

Life Clothing CoAWKWARDKAY10 for 10% off!


Pretty outrageous clothes (and costumes), and frankly I dig it. Especially their snowsuits!

TipsyElves – click the link for a 20% off coupon!



Portable WiFi Devices

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